what is gameland 2?


Gameland 2 is the second collaborative event from We Live Games and At Gameland you will find various corners, where you'll be able to play different game genres. There will also be various tournaments such as Tekken 7, King of Fighters XIV, Smash Bros. Melee and Soul Calibur II: HD Online.

You'll also find different workshops and a lot of different activities around gaming that will be held through the whole weekend.

The entry will cost you 2€ but you'll get a raffle ticket with it.

And because it's free we have a small request to make. We'd be very glad if you wouldn't bring your own drinks and food to the venue and instead buy stuff at the venue. The revenue we get from food and drinks is the only revenue we have to support such events. Thank you!



When is gameland 2?

Gameland 2 is happening from the 30th March to the 1st of April 2018. The doors open on Friday at 18:00 and close on Sunday at 18:00. Gameland will go on throughout the whole weekend without a break so you'll be able to come in and out as you please. 48 hours on non-stop gaming for everyone.




8 Rue de Mersch

L-8181 Kopstal



PSA: As Parkingspots are pretty limited we recommend you to share cars with your friends so that you need less spots. Plus it's good for the environment and you use less gas!


Where to stay?

At Gameland 2 we'll have a certain number of camp beds that we will give out for a small fee. We'll have two rooms where you can sleep with other fellow gamers free of charge.

Make sure to bring your own sleeping gear; sleeping bags, blankets, cushion, mattresses or air mattress. It is also recommended to use a blanket beneath the air mattress!

Note: it will it will be difficult to keep your sleeping gear safe in these areas as thousands of others have access to area and it is impossible for us to monitor each participant’s belongings. We would recommend not bringing expensive sleeping gear incase of a potential thief. On top of that, make sure to tag your things clearly, so they become less interesting to potential thieves!

Checklist for accommodation in the sleeping area
• Sleeping mat or inflatable air mattress
• Blanket or sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Flashlight

The sleeping rooms at Gameland are included if you buy your entry ticket. When you’ve finished sleeping, remove your equipment from the sleeping halls to make room for others!



Route de Mersch 5

L-8181 Kopstal



Ibis budget hotel

Rue de Turi

L-3378 Livange


(approx. 15km by car from the venue)


Hotel Le Dany

72 Route d'Arlon

L-8008 Luxemburg


(approx. 5km by car from the venue)