what is gameland 3:
Beyond Buttons?

Gameland 3: Beyond Buttons is a 48-hour non-stop gaming event organised by videogames.lu in collaboration with other gaming related associations and communities.

At Gameland you will find plenty of different games to play, from retro to modern consoles, there will be games for everyone. Several tournaments, gaming-related activities, workshops and speed-runs will also be hosted throughout the event.

There will be no entry fee.


Thank You For Making This Happen!


When is gameland 3?

Gameland 3: Beyond Buttons is happening
from May 24th to May 26th.

The doors will open on Friday at 18:00 and close on Sunday at 18:00. Gameland will go on throughout the whole weekend without a break so you'll be able to come in and out as you please.

48 hours on non-stop gaming for everyone.





8 Rue de Mersch
L-8181 Kopstal